Florida Animals

Back in November we talked about where we live.
For our Spring Celebration performance the children became very excited to learn the " My Florida Alphabet" song. Exploring this song in some depth has given us a great opportunity to revisit a subject that we touched upon earlier in the school year. That subject was "where we live". 

We live on the planet Earth, on the continent of North America, in a country called the USA, in a state called Florida, and in a city called Gainesville. At the time, we didn't really get into what other things live in Florida. We share this great state with a huge variety of other living thing; plants and animals. We have rivers, springs, lakes, creeks, and are surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. We have an abundance of water birds, fish, and wildlife that call these water "habitats" their home. 

Humans and many other land based creatures also call Florida their home. 
Our class has had many discussions in the last month about what living creatures need to survive. We have asked a lot of questions and our curiosity has led us to many great conversations . 

The creation of these big, beautiful paintings happened in three separate parts. The children first thought of which Florida animal they wanted to draw and then drew a simple line drawing of their animal on a transparency. Some children wanted to trace their animals others wanted to  draw it freehand. 

In the final step they chose their paint colors and painted their animals. 

The paintings looked stunning hanging on the red fence on our playground.
Spring celebration was a success! 
Happy Spring everyone!

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