A beekeeper friend of ours let us borrow some of her cool bee stuff. The children were able to look inside a hive and see a real honeycomb, try on a beekeeper hat and glove and hold (and smell) a hive smoker. It started a great conversation about honey bees.

We started out asking the class what they already knew about bees. We found out we know a lot!  Things like, "they make hives", "they have wings", " they sting people when people bother them". After we talked about all we know about bees we talked about things we would like to know about them. Our friends wanted to know things like, "How do baby bees get born?", "how do the bees make the honey?". Someone wanted to know, "why do bees make honey?  "A classmate answered, "they make it for the people" and another friend said  "Bees are making honey for themselves". 
We are excited to have some of our questions answered about these intriguing honey making creatures.

We set out the honeycomb and invited the children to observe and feel . It turned into an amazing sensory experience. We asked the class what it felt like and they gave us answers like, "slimey", sticky, squishy, slippery and shiny".  

A big shout out to Sarah the beekeeper! Thank you for all the cool bee stuff! 

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