I Voted!

As adults, we figure that grown up things like presidential elections are far from what a preschool aged child should be concerned with. For the most part, of course, this is true. But, little ears are taking in all that they hear, and they hear so much. During a morning meeting, we asked a few questions about what the children knew about the election, and we got an amazing response from our class. Everything from opinions about candidates to real questions about what it all means. What is a president? What does a president do? How do we choose the president? 

We read a few age appropriate books about voting and had some interesting and thought provoking classroom discussions. The book we read told us, "Voting gives each of us our very own voice. It allows a large group to make one single choice." One person, one vote. 

We set up a voting booth, ballots, and a ballot box and the children all lined up to vote for cat or dog. We counted the votes together. Cat had more votes and dog had less. So cat won! The one with the most votes wins. 

That's how Democracy works....in preschool.

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