I live in a Country

This week we started talking about where we live. Most of us live in Gainesville, and all of us live in Florida. Gainesville is our "City" . Gainesville is in a "State" called Florida. Florida is one of 50 states. These states are in a "country" called the United States of America. Little ones tend to get these a bit mixed up. 

We took a good look at our globe. We found our State and our Country. We read a book that talks about what the earth would look like if you could flatten it out. We have a great big fabric map that that helps children visualize that concept. We located where we live on it and other places, like Canada ( where Grandma lives), or England ( where one of our friends visited this summer). 

The seniors traced all of the States and our younger friends traced the outline of the U.S. On the light table. 

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