So Many Circles

We gathered all the circles we could find in our classroom. 

We arranged them on a table in the studio in an inviting way in order to inspire the children to explore all the different materials, colors and sizes of the circles. 

Next to the table we set out paint and brushes and invited the children to paint circles. Big circles, little circles . Circles inside of circles. Circles of orange, red, yellow and black. 

We had a group discussion about circles and one of our friends told us, "if you open a circle up and stretch it out it's a line." We looked at the clock on the wall and wondered why it's round, we also wondered why round things roll and square things do not. We thought it was funny to think about a car with square wheels! We tried to roll a square block on the table, and then a round one. It seems you need the "curve" of the circle for rolling. 

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