My Name

We've been talking a lot about "me" and what makes "me" special. We realized that something everyone has and makes them special is a name! 
We asked "why do we have names?" 
One friend said "So we know who we are talking about."
We started working on recognizing our name and the  letters that make up our names. We started by writing the children's names on a chalkboard and having them slowly follow the shape of the letters with a wet paint brush. 

Next we brought out clay and let them use letter stamps. We focused on starting on the left side of our paper and pointing out the "first" and "last" letters in our names. We talked about how the letters in words go next to each other and not on top or on the bottom. Using clay allowed us to restart as many times as needed easily. 

Finally, the children were invited to use the stamps again, this time using ink. They made name labels that will be displayed with their  "me" art work. 

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