Partner Mobile

Our class has been making a beautiful mobile for the window in our red room.
We set out various objects that can be strung together on twine. Things like beads, shells, keys, pom poms etc.
The thing that made this activity special is that each strand was created by two children working together to make one strand for our mobile.

It sounds easy but sometimes it was a little bit tricky. The partners had to negotiate who would go first, what object was going to be on the end of the strand and whether they would take turns each time or whether they might come up with another way of working together. It was interesting to watch the level of communication that existed or total lack there of. Some pairs were definitely better   at cooperating with each other than others. 

We talked about the word compromise and stressed how working together is really very difficult without good communication. 

We hung each strand on or wooden mobile that hangs in our red room. Each set of partners were very proud to see their strand hanging in the window.

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