Pop Up Restaurant

One day we observed a group of children playing "restaurant" in our imaginative play area. This is the kind of thing we live for as teachers. What a great way to work on early literacy skills without it seeming forced. We jumped right in and started asking questions.

Who cooks the food in a restaurant?" 
They told us "A chef!" So a child was appointed the chef.
"Who servers the food?"
"Servers!" So some of the children served the food while others were the diners. 

 "If this was a real restaurant how would we know what to order?"
"Menus!" This is how we got the idea to make our own menus. 

Some of our older students made their menus complete with descriptions and images, while our younger ones stuck to drawing pictures.

This was an activity that went on for a number of days. Our new menus now have a permanent home in our kitchen area.

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