Ask an expert

We were very happy to welcome Ben's Dad to our class to talk about turtles. He is a professor at UF and his specialty is amphibians and reptiles. The children had many questions and he answered them all.

We had previously read in a book that a turtles shell is its backbone and today we got to really see how it's backbone is built into its shell. 

We learned that turtles are reptiles and that all reptiles have scales. We noticed that the shell of a turtle are actually scales and they are made out of the same stuff that human fingernails are made from. 

We also got to see a turtles beak which it uses to bite it's food but it doesn't chew it's food because they have no teeth.

We also got to touch a fossilized turtle shell that is millions of years old and learned that turtles were alive when dinosaurs were on the Earth. Cool stuff!

We want to send a giant thank you to Ben's Dad for coming to talk to us. We learned a lot.

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