The Bark on Trees

The children knew from previous conversations and reading books about trees that bark protects the tree from the "elements". We had a great class discussion about what "elements" are. This led to a conversation about how most living things, animals and humans alike need protection from these "elements". This knowledge came in handy when the children discovered small insects living under the bark on these branches.
 The children were given the opportunity to remove the bark from branches. The branches were "dead". We talked about how they don't need their bark any more so it was ok to remove it. The children figured out why the small hammers and golf tees were on the table when fingers alone could not remove any more of the bark. This is where the fun began! 
It was great to watch the ones who had already figured out that you had to place the golf tee sideways, wedging it slightly under the bark, instruct the others. 
There was a magnifying glass available and this proved very useful when we found the very small insects.

We asked the question, " why do you think the insects live under the bark?" Claudia told us " to keep warm". Quinn said, " to protect themselves". He went on to say , " it's where they live". 
We talked about what other creatures make trees their home. 

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