Happy Winter!

Every year our kids make gifts for their parents. This year's gift is very much related to the subject we have been exploring in class. All Fall we have been talking about trees. It started with leaves and soon became a full on, long term exploration about trees. Studying the life cycle of the tree seems fitting with the season. Winter Solstice is the celebration of the return of the light. The trees and all living things are effected by the Earths tilted rotation around the sun. What a great time to take some time to rejoice in the wonder that is our beautiful planet Earth, to celebrate our connection to something bigger than ourselves, and our connection to all the living things that call Earth their home.
We collected things that come from trees. Cinnamon, a variety of nuts, fresh cuttings from pine and fruit we had previously dehydrated.
We filled mason jars with our collection. We call this our tree potpourri. 
The little cards we tied to the jars with ribbon were also created with love and care. Little red birds (who live in trees!) were made with little thumb prints. The tail feathers were painted on and we used magic marker for the branch, legs , eyes and beaks.
Everyone was pleased with how they turned out. They are beautiful and they smell amazing. We hope they are enjoyed.
Here's to another glorious trip around the Sun! 

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