Our Forest

With all our interest in leaves, trees of course came up in conversation. As we do with many topics that come up, we asked the children, "what do you know about trees?" We discovered our friends knew a lot about trees. Cassius told us, "trees have roots", Kai let us know , "food grows on trees".
We asked the class if they knew what the word "wonder" meant. Claudia quickly told us, " it means you don't know but you want to know".  We then asked the question, "what do you wonder about trees?" Quinn wanted to know, " how do trees grow?" Claudia asked, " why do trees have leaves?" So now we're on a mission. We are going to find out more about trees!
On the first day of this art project we painted the ground and the sky on a large piece of butcher block paper. On the days following we used the edges of corrugated cardboard and brown paint to create the trunks and branches of the trees.

With cork and foam we stamped the leaves on the branches with different 
"shades" of green paint. 

Our forest is beautiful. 
It is hanging in our work room if you have the time please have a look. 

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