Acorn paintings

We have been reading a lot of books about trees. One of the things we already knew about trees is that not all trees are the same. There are different kinds of trees. On our playground we have many oak trees and with those oak trees come quite a large amount of acorns. They are always being collected by our small friends.  Our study of trees has brought us a great opportunity to explore more about these little round treasures.
We brought a collection of them into our studio and decided to have a closer look. We noticed that they are brown but not all the same  "shade" of brown. We set out brown, white, yellow and some red paint and tried to make colors that matched our acorns. I think they did a pretty good job!

After the colors were mixed we painted pictures of acorns. While talking about their shape we revisited the concept of "dots" and "circles".

We hung them up next to our lovely forest in our work room.

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