We read this great book called " Swirl by Swirl" spirals in nature by Joyce Sidman. With all of our talk of  dots, lines and shapes we thought the spiral was a cool new idea to explore. We were really amazed at how many spirals occur naturally in "nature" . 
We set up an invitation for the children to explore and create spirals. Clay was our first medium . Through the use of clay the children discovered that a spiral is a line. The children had to first make a line with their clay. A friend told us, " you just gotta roll it up! Quinn told us " spirals turn into lines when they get uncurled!"

We put all of our spirals together to make one beautiful piece of art.
Our friends also realized that they could create spirals in other ways.
With pencils and crayons,
and chenille sticks on the light table...

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