Look How Tall I Am!

One of of friends had his four year old check up this morning. This started a conversation about how they measure how tall you are every time you go to the Doctor. We asked if anyone knew why.
Ben told us " so they know how tall you grow".
We made a great connection between our baby selves and our bigger, older selves. We are so much taller now! 
We measured everyone on our "measuring stick" . It's a very visual way to see how tall you are. It provides opportunity to compare your height to the height of your friends. We also used blocks to measure how tall we are. When we first start talking about measurement with preschoolers we very often use non standard units of measurement. Blocks are a great way to do this. "How many blocks tall are you?" 
Our measuring tape made its first appearance this week as well. The children measured everything in our classroom. Measurment is a subject we will visit in different ways throughout our school year. 

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