My Name

We started talking about our names.
Why do we have a name? Our friends had some great answers.
"If we don't have a name people would call you no one"
"If you didn't have a name nobody would know who you are."
"Well you would still be you but people would say " what is your name?"
We all agreed that names are important!
One of the things we do in the preschool is help children recognize and eventually write their own name.
We created a new ritual for our class that can involve a bit of parent participation. Each child has their own name rock and every morning we ask the children to find their rock and place it in the basket. If our parents have the time in the morning it could be a sweet addition to the morning drop off ritual.
This week we also did a few fun name activities. The first was done on a chalkboard. We wrote their name with chalk on the board. We provided water and a paintbrush and invited them to trace over their name.
We also set out yarn and scissors and encouraged the children to find their name rock and try to cut and manipulate the yarn into the letters of their name.

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