My Body Can....

We read the book " I like me" by Nancy Carlson and had a great discussion about the things we like about ourselves and all of the cool things our bodies can do. 
 On the playground today my friends showed us some of the amazing things their bodies can do. 
"My body can jump!"
"My legs can walk!"
"I can march!"
"My body can ride a bike."
" My body can do this!"
" I can clap my hands!"
We decided to use these pictures of the children for our helper mobile. Our bodies can do so much...even be the line leader and pass out the water cups at snack time! For those of you that do not know, we have a mobile hanging in the corner of our red room with the days of the week hanging on it. This is how we assign the job of helper to our class members. If you have the time take a closer look.

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