Our First Week

A new school year has begun, bringing with it a new co-teacher for me, fresh new faces to our school and a pack of little ones who have moved over from our two's room. It's always a bit of a shock how young they are. I am always needing to remind  myself that slow is the very best speed. 
We spend the first weeks of school getting to know each other, learning the classroom rules and generally just getting the hang of this new world that is the preschool. Our seniors are always such a big help with the little ones. Yet another reason why I love mutli age classrooms. It's great for our older kids to feel big and important and it's sweet that our new friends want to be seniors someday just like their helpful older friends. 
We took a lot of pictures this week. Photography is a very useful tool in our classroom. It helps us get to know our friends, remember things that happened and gives us opportunity for reflection. While looking back on our first week in pictures I was struck by just how much we really have done.
The kids have shown us a great interest in cooking, building, sorting and matching, using scissors, and drawing. Our work room has also been extremely popular.

We have heard children talking about "how they used to be babies", witnessed them making silly, sad, happy faces in our mirrors and watched as some of our friends built "New York City" while listening to them talk about "all the people" and how the "towers are so tall they are like snow mountains"
As I reflect back I also find  myself trying to see into the looking glass. I wonder where our school year will take us. Emergent, Reggio inspired, curriculum always has its surprises and for a "teacher" in this environment there is an element of wonder we share with our "students". It's a path we get to share. We are not sure what fun stops we will make on our journey but we are so happy to be on it together. I remind myself again that slow is a great speed for now. Our journey has just begun. 

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