Drawing by the book

This project grew organically while searching for inspiration in books for various art ideas. Because this class has been very interested in representational art all summer, we brought these books in to allow the class to further their exploration in drawing while also practicing following directions. 
Our illustration book gave us step by step instructions detailing how to draw various animals. The interested children picked a subject and began practicing the various shapes that made up their subject with pencil. After drawing their animal of choice they outlined the animal in marker to mark a clear boundary in order to practice staying inside the lines. 
Is this animal a mammal, reptile, etc? 
What color do you think this animal is? 
What environment do you find these animals in? These were some of the questions we asked during and after. 
Doing this repeatedly provided us endless chances in practicing lines, shape, and realism. They are a great extension to our library and a great stepping stone in allowing us to ultimately feeling successful with our art.

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