Lines That Wiggle

This activity was inspired by the book " Lines That Wiggle". We began asking about different types of lines. We asked the children to look around the room for lines. They found them on the walls (cinder blocks), the food we were eating for snack (pretzels) and in all the art work that covers our walls. When we really started looking around we saw lines everywhere. We made lines with our bodies, using our arms to represent straight lines or wiggly lines.
To further this exploration we decided to use the opportunity for some fine motor skill practise along with a refresher on how to use the paint brushes. 
Using chalk the children drew various types of lines on a large piece of butcher block paper. We then asked them using the different shades of green paint we made the previous day, to paint over the chalk lines being careful to stay on the lines the best they could. Some chose to paint under the lines or next to them trying to replicate the same motion.

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