Caps and Crowns : The big day

I want to welcome you to Imagine Learning Centers 2015 preschool Graduation. This is a special day, it's your child's first graduation of the many to follow. This ceremony is an important rite of passage. For most of these childrenImagine has been the first world they have experienced independent of you, their parents. We strive to make this world rich with new experiences, from exploring new ideas to learning to make and keep new friends  to discovering that there are kind adults you can rely on outside of your family. 

 One of our tasks at Imagine is to help prepare your child(and you) for the next step. We feel honored and privileged to have been chosen and trusted by you to guide your child through their first school experience. They are off to explore the bigger world that lies outside the walls of Imagine. I have great confidence that they will take on this challenge with exuberance and finesse. 

While on their new journey it is our hope that something of this place remains, a spark of wonder and curiosity, a warm feeling  of being treated with love and kindness and maybe a random happy memory that seems to pop out of nowhere. I do believe we are connected and always will be by that invisible string.


 In my 7 years of working with children, it is my belief that the spirit of the growing child is one of the true wonders of the world, and it is a great honor in my life that you as parents have chosen us to preserve this spirit while fostering their imagination and helping lay the building blocks of their academic future. 

During their time in our class your child has successfully learned innumerable skills, created their first true social circle, and participated in experiences that they will carry with them throughout their education and onward.  Their time here has also provided them with something precious, the opportunity to create their own adventure. To begin figuring out what they truly enjoy and what really interests them. For some its snails, or robots, or birds. For others it is art, or building, or drama. We are hopeful that we have planted the seeds of curiosity, stimulated their zest for life, and advanced a respect for education.This time of year is a time to celebrate our achievements and individuality, and so as you probably already know, your child is exceptional. And you probably already know that your child is actually super-brilliant, crazy-beautiful and enormously talented. But today we are going to remind you.

Congratulations to our graduates! 

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