Our seedlings

We noticed that the seeds we planted last week are already sprouting!
We thought it might be a nice idea to have the children draw the process so far. Seeds into seedlings. 
Some of our friends were focused on the different kinds of seeds, their shapes and sizes. Others drew lines indicating what was happening below the dirt and what was happening above. Some thought showing their roots was important.
While drawing we had a conversation about the flowers life cycle. Titus told us "they grow and die, grow and die, just like a pattern!" We talked about how a cycle is a pattern. It's a series of things that happen always in the same order, and then it repeats. What a great observation!
Then we noticed that our seedlings were all growing in the same slightly slanted direction. We asked the children why they thought this was so. Most of our friends believed that it was due to the way the seeds were planted. Another friend said "the wind blew them that way". The children were very curious about this. We provoked a conversation we had a week ago while planting the seeds. What are the things flowers need to grow? They listed soil, air, water... and the sun! Our friend Cooper said, "so they are following the sun! It was one of those moments that we wait for as educators. Watching  this kind of understanding unfold truly inspires. 

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