Light projector farm animals

Working with the light projector gives the class the chance to not only work with a temporary medium but also observe the work of others. The children give each other guidance on how to draw/ paint/ manipulate images and offer ideas on how things can be changed or what they like about a certain piece of art. 
One friend told another," your sheep looks like it's flying. You got to put the sheep lower so it can be on the ground." 
For this project we chose to print out some basic animal shapes that you can find on a farm. Each child identified the animals and then chose one of interest to work with. Using markers, they created environments that you can often find their chosen animal living in. 
During their work time we asked questions about the environment, how they identified the animals, what makes the animal they chose special, farms, and different things the children decided to add such as a " flock" of birds. 

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