One day last week some of the children were looking at a book about bees. We noticed that one of our farm books was called " Uncommon Farm Animals " and realized that there were bees on the cover. Is there such a thing as a bee farm?, where does the honey we buy at the store or the farmers market come from?
We read a book about bees and found out some cool stuff. Did you know that only female bees have stingers and they are the only ones that make honey? Did you know that there aren't baby bees? Just larva that spins a cocoon that changes into a pupa. It grows wings and legs and emerges from their cocoon as adult bees?!
The children drew their first bees. Many of them were very careful to have their drawings depict things they recently discovered about bees.

We are learning just how important bees are to other types of farms as well. We hope the interest continues. 

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