For The Love of Spring

Every Spring Imagine hosts a Spring celebration. We invite all our families to help us celebrate with performances, a picnic and planting our garden. The children in the preschool together decided this year we would perform " The Florida Alphabet ".  We thought it was a great choice because much of what we do in the preschool is explore the world we live in. Chosing The Florida Alphabet to learn, practice and perform was a culminatination of our year so far.
This was a process that took about three weeks to bring to fruition. The children started by drawing their favorite page of the book. This step helped them when it became time to choose what costume they wanted to create for the show. 
There was a lot of discussion about what materials we might use to make each costume. 
The children cut, glued and painted in anticipation of our big day. 
At the same time we were learning the song and all the hand movements. 

The day of our celebration the children were ready to go, manatee, jellyfish, lobsters, key deer and many more were in attendance. The performance went off without a hitch and the children took a long deserved bow and ran off to the loving arms of their proud parents and yummy picnic lunches.

It was a beautiful day filled with sunshine and smiling faces. Thank you to all our amazing Imagine families for participating in our event.
Happy Sping!

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