What do you know about fish?

During our exploration of water we took a moment to look at some of the creations the children made to go in the river. We noticed that fish, while a popular choice, didn't really resemble any type of fish that we've ever seen. So we asked a question to the class, " what do you know about fish?" They gave us answers like, "Fish swim in the water", "Fish breath under water", "And they don't breath on land" "They have scales". One friend told us, "they are eaten by birds".

The  next day we decided to have the children draw fish right from their memory. What does a fish look like? We began introducing the different body parts and asking the children about what we thought these body parts are for. 
Secondly, we opened up the conversation to things that are really confusing about fish. Do they have noses? How do they breathe? Can they smell? Do they sleep? Are they mammals? We have a lot of questions about fish and these initial drawings are a good base for us to measure where we can go. 

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