Where's Water?

Our class has been talking about water. "Where are the places you find water?"
"The river"
"A lake"
"The ocean"

"A waterfall"
"Clouds and rain"
The children all worked together to paint a river.
One friend asked "what if the river runs out of water?" Another said " there's a lot of water that comes into the river but I don't know where it comes from". A friend quickly added " the water comes from underground" which led to someone asking, " but how does it come up?,  it can't crawl up like bugs.
This is the kind of conversation we live for as educators. That moment right there was why we need to be paying attention. This is the spark. The questions are by far more important than the answers.
Our river is a work in progress. 
We will continue to listen to the questions and together we will look for the answers. Stay tuned.

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