Strong Hands

Learning how to use scissors and practicing cutting are things we do in preschool. A great activity that always motivates children is this yarn/cutting provocation. We hang yarn from a small hoop and let them cut it all down. It's fun and a great way to get our little ones using scissors.
The next step was for us to cut paper.
We drew lines, straight and zig zagged and had the children follow the lines.
We thought a great way to keep the scissor momentum going was by having the children make snowflakes. This activity allowed us to not only use our new found scissor skills but to have our first lesson in fractions. We folded our circles in "half" and in half again creating 4 "quarters".
After our paper was folded we cut out little triangles.
Unfolding our snowflake is always the most fun.

Our snowflakes look beautiful in our window.

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