Just A Box Of Straws

One of the things that I love about Imagine is how the freedom we have as teachers allows for impromptu, spur of the moment and truly organic fun, discovery and learning to happen.
We ordered these fun straws without any clear vision. We introduced them first in our red room and the first thing the children did was make letters. They discoverd that they could only make some of the letters because our straws did not bend. We had a great discussion about the letters that "curve".
During our activity time the children made "candy cane" necklaces which was great fine motor, hand/eye coordination practice. Some of the children wanted to count the straw beads they were stringing.

The next day the seniors took on the challenge of counting to 100 using the straws. We made bundles of 10s, counting all the way up till we reached our goal. 
We love not knowing how new material will end up being used in our class. We wonder what we will do with them next. We'll keep you posted.

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