I Live on the Earth

Before we started talking about dinosaurs we were talking about rocks.
Rocks led to fossils, fossils led to dinosaurs.
On this day we asked the question "where do we find rocks?" One of our friends told us " In the Earth".
This led us to a conversation about the Earth. 
We asked "What is the Earth?" One friend said "The land ", another told us, "The Earth is a planet" and  "It's in outer space and it's round and we live on it".
We realized how much we already knew about the Earth but realized we had many unanswered questions. Some of the questions were, "How big is the Earth?","How fast does the Earth move?", "How many people live on the Earth?"
We spent some time looking at our classroom globe. The children made their first drawings of our planet. Simply done with pencil on white paper.

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