How Big Is A Dinosaur?

Our study of fossils has led us to some great conversations about dinosaurs. The class had a lot of questions, "when were they alive?", "how did they die?", "what did they eat?", and "how big were they?" We set out reading books to help answer some of our questions. We read the book "How Big We're The Dinosaurs" by Bernard Most

After reading the book we had a conversation about measurement. One of our friends told us, "we measure things to find out how big something is". We decided to measure ourselves. "How many blocks tall are you?" We talked about what the word "prediction" means. The children made predictions and then we decided to test them out. After everyone was measured with blocks we got out our measuring tapes and talked about the words "inches" and "feet".

We then wanted to find out how long a T-Rex's foot was.
We found out that it was 3 feet long!  "How long is 3 feet?", we wanted to find out. We used our measuring tapes first and then everyone wanted to know how many blocks and how many of our own feet that would be.

We then drew a T-Rex's foot to scale and cut it out. We predicted how many shoes would fit inside. Titus guessed 31' Megan 20 and Scarlett 30. We worked together and when not one more shoe would fit we started to count. 22 shoes fit inside the foot of a T-Rex !

When we were finished some of the class decided to decorate the enormous foot.

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