Before all the Halloween fun began our class was learning about rocks. We discovered that there were different types of rocks. One kind of rock is called sedimentary, and a cool thing we found out is that sedimentary rocks sometimes tell a story about the past. We had a great conversation about what the words, past, present and future mean. This led to the topic of Fossils. "what is a fossil?, "How are fossils made?" Ashby told us " We find fossils underground", and Titus said " Fossils are very old". We already knew a bit about fossils but soon realized there was much more to discover.
We decided to call in and " expert".

We had a very special guest come to our classroom.
 Ashby's mom brought real fossils for us to see and touch!

After the visit we thought it would be fun to make our own fossils.

We made a mixture of corn starch, baking soda and water , it makes a great clay like material that dries overnight. We set out shells, ferns and dinosaurs and let the children see what they could do.
Some of them choose to make an "impression" of other things like their ears, lips and noses.

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