With Halloween fast approaching the preschool has been busy reading books and singing songs about black cats, witches, ghosts and bats.
We read the book "Jeremy draws a monster" by Peter McCarty and afterward had a great conversation about monsters. 
We asked the question, " What is a monster?"
Titus told us, "A monster is whatever it is, and ghosts are just ghosts, and monsters are just monsters."
Megan said, "A monster is something very big."
Dashiell told us, "A monster is like a tiger."
Then we asked the question, " How is a monster like a tiger?"
Everyone agreed that tigers have sharp teeth and monsters do too.
Then we asked, " Are tigers real?" Everyone agreed that they were.
"Are monsters real?" We all agreed they were not.
What came next was a productive conversation about the words fact (non-fiction) and fiction. 
What better time to have this conversation with our little ones?
The scary stuff  is make believe, it's pretend.
We can draw a monster and when we want it to go away we can draw a rocket ship and send that monster right into space or put it on the next bus out of town.
 The first thing we did was have the children draw monsters using colored pencils on paper.We thought about and talked about what materials we might use if we were to construct monsters. For the next two days we had an awesome time making our monsters come to life. We used various items we found in our resource room and with the help of scissors, tape and glue the class made the sweetest, cutest and of course scariest monsters Imagine has ever seen!

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