Planting Seeds

Our class just finished talking about soil and things that live in the dirt, 
focusing mostly on creatures like insects and worms.
From our exploration of worms we learned that they "ventilate" the soil and provide nutrients that help plants grow.
This opened us up to new questions.
How do plants grow?
What do plants need other than good soil to live?
We decided to start from the beginning. 
We are taking advantage of the blossoming Spring and planting seeds for an Herb garden. Each child chose an Herb. We read about it and learned that seeds take at least a week to "sprout".
We soaked them in water overnight and let the children plant them in starter pots the next day. We read they need water and dirt for the seeds to "germinate", or "Wake up" as one preschooler said.
We are looking forward to them getting big enough to plant in our garden.

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