We have three different types of 2D representations displayed on the wall in our preschool. All of them are of insects which we have been exploring as a class during this beautiful Spring. 
Tracings, paintings, and free hand drawings were mediums that we chose to begin with. We like to use these mediums as a way to track our progress in the construction of knowledge.
These multiple mediums were done by individual children over the span of a week.
At different stages of learning their images change and often become a truer and more realistic representation of an insect.
This is not teacher directed, this is organic. This is showing how children build upon what they have previously known, reshape their ideas, and create new meaning.
We are learning that insects have 3 pairs of legs, 3 body segments, antenna, are a variety of colors and sometimes have wings.
We are also  learning about the important role insects play in our world, great new vocabulary words like, "pollination", and all the places insects can live.
We wonder how this will change their representation...we will see!

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