Things That Live In The Water

We had a great discussion about things that live in water.
We talked about how some live in fresh water like rivers and lakes and some live in salt water like the ocean and the gulf.
We gave the children each a piece of clay and asked them if they could sculpt a water creature of their choice. It was a great way to keep the conversation alive.
"How do fish breathe under water" was asked. A friend told us that fish have gills and not lungs. We asked "Can humans breathe under water?" We all agreed that humans and most other mammals cannot breathe under water.
One of our friends wanted to make a lobster so we talked about what we needed to sculpt in order for people to know it was a lobster. Lobsters have claws, jellyfish have tentacles and sharks have fins. 
Look for them on the window sill in our red room.
They came out great!

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