The Air And The Wind

We have been doing several projects that show us how air is all around us. We can't see air, but instead we see how air affects our surroundings.

The wind ornaments:
These wind ornaments focused on air's natural movement. When the windows are open and the breeze blows these ornaments move freely, tissue paper flowing back and forth. When the wind stops the ornaments go back to their resting position.

During this time we asked the question, " What makes the wind?"

" the ocean." Owen " trees moving." Emma " gravity." Eloise " the North Pole." Mateo " trees." Arlo

Our initial questions about what makes the wind produced some very interesting answers!

wind makers:

During this art project we wanted to provoke the idea that wind is manipulated by air. When we wave the flag we are pushing the air around and creating gusts of wind!

This was also a chance to make the sound of wind blowing- or our interpretation, at least.

The windsock:

The idea that air is everywhere- all around us- is a pretty big concept to grasp when you can't see, smell, or taste it. The best part of the windsock project was that the children could "capture" the air by waving their windsock around.

The class is loving each air discovery and we will continue doing projects that expand our knowledge of air!

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