Painting The Wind

One of the things that seemed to fascinate the children the most about the Moon is it's lack of air. We discovered that because there is no air in Space there is no sound.
No air, no sound, no life, human or plant. No air, no wind...just still and quiet.
This brought us to an "I wonder" moment. Theo asked, " How did the air come in the Earth?". This led us to a conversation about Earth being the only planet with air and therefore the only planet with life.
It seemed as if we had come full circle. We started out talking about outer space because of the realization that Earth is a planet, and not the only planet.
We learned the reason we live on this planet and not any other is in large part because of air. All living things need air to live.
We asked some questions about air, one of them being, "Can you see air?"
We realized that we can't really see air but when it moves we can see it's effect on things.
We asked the children to think about what the moving air might look like if we could see it. What resulted were these beautiful paintings of the wind.

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