Where I Live

With the children's interest in maps peaked, we thought it would be a perfect time to talk about where we live. The globe is a regular part of our classroom, but the kids were amazed that the map on the wall was the globe laid out flat.
This discovery was of great interest to the class.
Our planet is Earth and on this big ball floating in space we can find our country, our state and our town.
The children noticed that you can drive across our country but if you wanted to go across the ocean to Europe you would need an airplane or a boat, "A bridge would have to be too long!"
Using our overhead projector we traced the outline of the United States.
This type of tracing activity is great for exercising our hand eye coordination and practicing our fine motor skills.
We also talked about how all the states are different shapes and sizes, no two are alike!
What States have you visited?
How many can you name?

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