Our Great Big Map

In this project the children were asked to build a map out of various materials. Up until this point our exploration of maps had been in various 2 dimensional representations and impermanent 3 dimensional structures. Like many of our past themes, mixing these mediums left us with a real and permanent piece of art that displays our construction of knowledge.

The mixed media allowed us to talk about symbols. Each piece of material means something to our map. A building ( bottle cap),  a tree (coffee stirrers),  roads (pipe cleaner),  and train tracks (popsicle sticks) are represented. Knowing these symbols allows us to understand or "read" the map. 

We also got to revisit some of our previous units. The roads are represented by lines that connect. Some chose to contribute by drawing where they live on the map,  and several children even constructed bridges to place over a river.

Everything,  from the materials used to where it hangs in our classroom was decided by those truly inspired and motivated to make this huge piece art. It is truly a work of connection and something our class should be proud of! 

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