Exploring maps in 3-D

So far our map exploration has been 2-dimensional.
One morning the children started making maps on the floor using blocks and other loose materials. They built roads to places they go in their world.
We had a Trader Joe's and a Publix, a Target and a zoo. 

To further our exploration, we took pictures of things on our playground and taped them on wooden blocks. We invited the children to place the blocks where they are on the playground.
"Is the big castle in front of or behind the bike track?"
"What is next to the gate?"
"Which direction does the slide face?"

The next day we revisited our block playground, setting it up on a table in the studio.
Some children thought it would be fun to draw a map of our playground using the blocks as reference.
It turned out to be a very organic way to see how the real things we see everyday can   turn into the maps that tell us where things are and how to get from one place to another.

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