Under My Skin

The children did some really cool drawings this week that show how bones are inside our bodies. This activity was inspired by a book that has become a classroom favorite called "Bone Dog" by Eric Rohman.
On black paper the class drew skeletons with white china markers.
We taped tracing paper on top of their skeleton drawings.
The children then colored what is outside of the skeleton body.
It was a great way to really see what is bone and what is not. 
Our hair, skin, eyes, etc are not bones.
 Bone Dog also inspired what might be our next topic of discovery, movement.
We were interested by this illustration of skeletons running.
How can we tell they are moving?
We took this opportunity to talk about how our bodies move, Cooper: "Our muscles make us move".
We started looking at other books we have in our classroom that depict movement.
We are curious to see where this might lead.

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