Making Bones

We asked the question, "What are some materials we can make bones out of?"
We got many different answers, "Wood, Paper, Metal".
Maya went right to drawing and cutting bones out of paper.
A few of her friends followed her lead.
We set up a provocation that consisted of photos of bones and balls of clay.
The children picked out which bone they wanted to make and set out to create the shapes with their hands.
We had a great discussion about the importance of bones.
Maya told us, "Bones are awesome, I like the different shapes they have!".
We wondered if all animals have bones.
Arlo told us "All animals I know of have bones except for jellyfish".
We also asked while taking a closer look at the photo of bones, "Why do you think the ends of the bones look like that?". Maya said, "So they can be together".
We realized that bones are indeed connected together inside our bodies.

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