It was easily agreed upon by the class that we all have a birthday.
We talked about how this is another thing that we all have In common, like how we all have bones,bodies and families. Through the common things we share we are connected as human beings.
We asked the question, "What is a birthday?"
Arthur: "It's a day that we grow up."
Ashby: "It means you're a number and then you get a cake".
We tried to delve a bit deeper to see if we could begin to understand a truer meaning of the word birthday.
We tried asking, "What does birth mean?"
Theo: "Birth means the first time you come out of your mommy's belly".
This led Arlo to tell us, "A birthday is a celebration of the day you were born!"
It was a great moment, the proverbial light bulb went on.
We love to see how rather than supplying children with answers we can create a richer comprehension by asking questions that lead children to form their own understandings of the world they live in.

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