Line structure

Not all lines are created equal. Some lines are skinny, fat, curvy or straight. And some lines dont even need to be on paper.

We set out a provocation of a skein of yarn hanging from above our block area with strands draped over our play stands. The class did the rest. We focused on making sure the strands were connected to either a play stand or another string of yarn in some way. This created opportunity to see how connecting the lines made the structure stronger and more secure. It also let them see how they were manipulating the shape of the roof by pulling yarn in different directions. 
The result was a 3-d representation of line art.

Another 3d work we explored was a mobile. We discussed how a "strand" of beads is a representation of a line the same way that a string of yarn is ( or even a row of children waiting to go outside and play!) . 
We foraged for sticks outside that looked like straight lines. 
We then used various materials to decorate the sticks and beaded strands of ribbon to hang from them. 
We then decided again to focus on the connection. How can our separate strands of beads and sticks connect to one another? The children taped their beaded work to a friends or asked me to tie thread to connect them. The result is one big work that we have decided to make our helper mobile.

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