As you know we have been talking about lines and connection in the preschool.
In one of our morning meetings Titus pointed out that bones are connected. We also realized that most bones are also lines.
We put X-rays of bones on our light table and our overhead projector so we could take a closer look.
We traced the bone of our choice using the light table.
This was a great way to really examine individual  bones while practicing our fine motor/pre-writing skills.
The bones were huge on our overhead projector! 
This activity was a great way to spark more interest in bones.
"What are bones made out of ?", "Why do we have them?","How many do we have?"
We talked about which bones matched to what part of our bodies and noticed that they felt hard. We asked the question, "What would it be like if we had no bones?
Arlo told us, "We would be all floppy".
We all agreed bones are a very good thing to have!

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