The children enjoyed making  sculptures so much we thought they might be interested in making mobiles. 
The frame for the first mobile was teacher made out of a wooden hoop and beach reed. We explained that it was a "fragile" frame and that we needed to find things to hang on it that were light. We asked "What are some things that are light?", and the first answer we got was "paper". The next idea was "art made on paper". An idea was born!
The children drew pictures of their choice using colored pencils. We made them smaller in our "magic shrinking machine" aka,our awesome new color printer. We laminated them so they would last. 
The children also strung small beads,feathers and bells on twine.
For the second mobile we set out a wooden hoop, branches, tape, twine and wire. We asked the children to create together a frame for our next mobile.
With very little teacher guidance the task was skillfully accomplished. 
Because the branches were stronger than the beach reed we were able to hang heavier items on this mobile. The children had a great time stringing the unusual odds and ends we keep in a bin for inspired times like these.
Both mobiles turned out great! 
The children were very proud.

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