Building Blocks

We put paintings of tall buildings in our block area.
We used the provocation to help the children to see how 2-d images can be recreated in a 3-d format and vice versa. We wanted to introduce in a subtle way the concept of representational art with our new friends.
They created their buildings using blocks to see the shapes and to explore the variety of ways they can arrange them.
After building we took the idea of shapes of buildings and did simple representations. We used the edge of cardboard to make lines. Lines make up squares,rectangles and triangles. The cardboard was a great way to make it easy for small hands that are still working on the fine motor skills they need to hold paint brushes and pencils.
We took the simple shape buildings from earlier in the week and allowed the children to revisit 2-d buildings using pastel chalk this time. This activity gave the children the freedom to explore in a "free form" way and allowed opportunity to add detail to their work.

The light projector started out as a way for the children to further explore 3-D concepts but turned into an awesome mixed media activity that allowed the opportunity to see 2-D and 3-D mediums come together.

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