How things change: It's chemistry!

We put together a simple and interesting way to provide an example of how we can manipulate change. 
We set out baking soda and vinegar as a provocation. We said nothing to the children about the materials.We wanted to observe and record how they would respond to the activity.
Here are some of the things they said;
"So we are mixing stuff together to get different stuff?"
"They are cooking!They are mixing lots and lots of stuff together and it is bubbling up!"
"It's sugar","It's actually flour".
We then provided them with these materials to see if they reacted the same.
After we set out flour and sugar we gave them cornstarch and water.
We asked the questions, "What's happening?,What does it feel like?"
"It's turning into goo!","It looks like ice cream","It looks soft but when you actually touch it it's hard"."It feels like your mixing solid rocks,like worms are squiggling around,and like dough because dough sticks to your hands".

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