Embracing Change

In the preschool we have been talking a lot about change and transformation. One of the big changes coming up is the transition from the two's class into the big preschool. Our seniors wrote a book explaining the things they think the incoming children should know and their favorite part of being a preschooler. We decided to give them the opportunity to give a tour to the incoming class.
Each senior was partnered with a smaller child and together they explored various things like how to use our work room, the many materials that are in the studio and  the blocks, dress up and pretend kitchen in our creative play room.
The incoming class asked many questions to their partner, "What does this do?" "Where does this go?" "How do you make this?" and our seniors rose to the occasion answering all of their questions and more!

After the seniors finished giving their tour we had a mock "morning meeting" and a story time. Our new class did an amazing job and showed us that they are very ready to be preschoolers! We are excited for summer!

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